Coinipop – The first step into the Cryptocurrency world

Coinipop reviews

Mateo Allen (UK)

I was looking for a reliable platform where I could exchange cryptocurrencies, but I was finding it difficult. I found out about Coinipop, and since then, I’ve been using it to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. I would keep on using it and recommend it to others as well.

Ben Oslo (Portugal)

I’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrency and how it was going to change the future of how we view money and value. I didn’t know where to get started then a friend of mine explained the basics to me and introduced me to Coinipop and it has since then been a fascinating journey trading cryptocurrency, bit coin especially. My friend did a great job with the intro but Coinipop made her intro more meaningful with their intuitive platform.

Jack Morris (BELGIUM)

This is from a happy user who has been using Coinipop for the past few months, and I am glad to choose this platform. The rates are best I could get anywhere on the internet. Whenever I need to buy/sell bitcoins or ethereum, Coinipop is my go-to choice.

Barbra Clint (Italy)

I was fascinated with the variety of options provided in making payment, from credit card to wire transfer. Most crypto exchange I use haven’t cracked having payment options for their users. Coinipop is more of a crypto payment relief to me among other awesome features on the platform.

Mary Doe (Belgium)

I was skeptical about Coinipop’s services before and earlier when I joined the platform. Everything just seem so jejune – the registration process, simple requirement for registration, drop-dead simple interface and a whole lot of other features. I’ve been trading Cryptocurrencies before and it’s always like a thing meant for highly intellectual individuals. Coinipop broke the bar set another one. Totally pleased with my experience on the platform.

Rebecca June (Spain)

I was looking to invest in bitcoin to diversify my portfolio and I stumbled on Coinipop. I love the fact that the platform is focused on being elementary enough for new crypto enthusiast as the community is is relatively strange to a whole lot of people around the world. A good place to begin as a crypto person.

Matt Dinklewin ( Czech)

Coinipop’s customer service is top notch. They provide helpful insights to whatever problem it is and are so courteous while at it. Great place to purchase and sell bitcoin and ethereum.

Bernard Wood (Germany)

Great platform especially for nouveau individuals in the crypto community.

Dimitri Roskov (Russia)

The rates are good for business and I’ll recommend Coinipop to any one looking to trade Cryptocurrencies and make some profits while at it. Easy buy, easy sell.

Joshua Hill ( Estonia)

Easy on boarding process, intuitive interface… I’d recommend Coinipop 100%! The entire activity on Coinipop is just simple and straight forward – exactly what turns me on to any app or internet platform. Makes the whole sophistication on the internet about bitcoin extremely basic.

Bella Blues (Finland)

Trading crypto made easy. I was so happy the day I found the platform and their services didn’t let me down. A platform every crypto enthusiast should know about and use. Recommended 100%!

Andrew (UK)

Though I am attached with cryptocurrency for a while now but getting the best rates or at least minimum fluctuations in the rates was something I always missed. My business partner suggested to me Coinipop, and I can say that so far, I’ve enjoyed the best rates at Coinipop.

Blake Stallion (Switzerland)

I love the security that Coinipop provides with the stratification of users/traders on the platform. Different level of users are required to provided on-boarding details with respect to the amount of cryptocurrency they wish to buy. This to me is an affirmation of the understanding of the Coinipop team about Blockchain technology and crypto investment. My digital assets are secure and that’s all that matters for me.

Mark Smith

I used Coinipops services and liked it very much, the service was fast and easy and made my experience a lot easier.
It is very easy and self-explanatory.
Thank you Coinipop

Susan Plumptre (Netherlands)

Using Coinipop for bitcoin and ethereum trading has been a fascinating experience. Just about 3 months into using the platform and I’m sold out already.


Thank you Coinipop for a great service.
Super easy, super fast.
I was a little confused at the beginning, so they called to assist me.

5 stars from me !!!

Michael Hardiman

I was using a lot of e-wallets and coinipop is the best wallet I opened.
They were there to assist me through all the steps which made it a lot faster.
They are the professionals I was looking for.


Great service! I had a little issue with uploading documents (I am not very good with computers) so I called and a very nice lady answered and helped me. 
Easy deposits and withdraws and very good service. Thank you.


I was very confused about how to go on with crypto because it is my first time but coinipop made it a lot easier for me. I got on the phone with a very nice gentleman who assisted me on how to go about it.
in a matter of no time I had an e wallet and was ready to get started..  Thank you.


Beste Geldwechselbörse für Kryptowährungen. Sehr einfach und simpel zu bedienen.

Sehr guter Kundenservice freundlich und hilfsbereit. Schnelle und einfache Transaktionen, sehr empfehlenswert.


Coinipop se présente comme une plateforme de trading solide ayant un système de sécurisation du porte monnaie sans faille. Idéale pour commencer à acheter, Coinipop sera vous accompagner dans vos premiers achats de Bitcoin. Interface très intuitive et bonne prise en main.

5 Reasons to Trade with Coinipop

With Coinipop, buying or selling crypto is now your cup of tea. Coinipop is a crypto exchange owned and operated by CRYPTO HOUSE OÜ, a company incorporated in Estonia. It is fully regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”), licensed to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a FIAT currency.

Buying or selling with Coinipop has its advantages. It gives you the facility to buy directly through your credit card. All cryptocurrency on its servers is covered by insurance; it supports the most popular digital currencies in the cryptomarket. These factors not only make it safe but also makes it easier for beginners to buy, sell, and manage their cryptos. The Coinipop platform is highly interactive, user-friendly, and suitable for beginners.

Trading on Coinipop is a reasonably easy process. You just have to create an account and need to enter a few necessary personal details, confirm that you are above 18 years, and perform KYC too.

Reasons to using Coinipop

  • Security – Under the security tab, you have options to enable 2FA (Two-factor authentication) to add layer of security. Also, user is required to provide a code sent to their phone via SMS and an authentication app. You can use a well know app by Google “Google Authenticator” from Google Play Store and iTunes, which is free to download.
  • Instant buy with a Credit card – You can buy BTC or ETH against USD or EUR directly using your credit card. So as soon as your bank approves the payment, you will see your bought assets in your wallets
  • Customer Support – With great customer support, Coinpop always resolve queries from the customers 24X7.
  • High Limits & Liquidity – Coinipop offers very high limits and liquidity to their customers. Although Limits depend on your account level, which is determined by how much information you have verified.
  • Low Fee – Unlike other platforms that require a fee or processing charges, they don’t charge anything. They only apply a fee if and only if a processing or transaction fee has been applied from your bank (of which credit card you are using). And you simply need to put the amount you want to buy either in USD or EUR against BTC or ETH.


Coinipop is a highly reliable and reputed platform to buy or sell crypto. The feature of Instant buying using a credit card makes it unique and an attraction point for the beginners.